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“It has been my extreme pleasure to have participated as a volunteer in the Clothe-A-Child Event for the past ten years. This event is very well organized and has provided an enriching opportunity for children from various schools and agencies who are in need of essential clothing items. Mike Poynter, organizer for Clothe-A-Child has worked closely within the community to obtain names of children who could benefit from this experience. Mr. Poynter has arranged to partner with local department stores, usually, J.C. Penney, to allow this shopping opportunity, which has occurred once or twice a year on a Saturday morning prior to Back to School and Christmas. There have been approximately 50 children involved for the past few years. It is quite an event that has included Rudolph and Santa Claus who have given presents to each child at the Holiday Clothe–A-Child Event. These presents have been donated out of the goodness of their hearts by staff members at J.C. Penney’s. Staff members have donated backpacks and school supplies at the Back-to-School Event.
This event has allowed children and their families to have a fun, life-changing event while shopping for new clothing, coats, shoes, and various other clothing items. It has warmed my heart to see the faces of the children while they are shopping and when they receive their special gift at the end!
The volunteers leave with a special feeling of knowing they have been involved in something very special and know that their assistance has greatly helped a needy child.
I cherish my involvement in this event and am looking forward to participating in it for many more years”

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